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Robocop Statue for Detroit

After mayor Dave Bing nixed the idea of a Robocop statue in Detroit, interest in the potential project grew immediately. A website was launched. A Facebook group sprang up, and a Kickstarter project welcomed donations. The Imagination Station in Detroit offered a place on its property at Roosevelt Park to put the statue. And now, [...]

Little Boy Zero

A lot of kids dream of having a bronze statue of themselves in the town square one day, but Edgar Hernandez probably didn’t expect to achieve his in such a dubious method: In 2009, the boy, from the poor village of La Gloria, became “Patient Zero”, the first known person to catch H1N1, the deadly swine [...]

Statues from Movies and TV

Detroit mayor Dave Bing reached out to citizens of the internet for suggestions for how to invigorate his city. One of the suggestions that came in yesterday was that Detroit should erect a statue of Robocop, from the 1987 film Robocop, which was set in Detroit. The mayor seemed to dismiss the idea out of [...]

No Robocop Statue for Detroit

The Mayor of Detroit has been crowd-sourcing ideas to reinvigorate the Motor City – and he actually received a pretty cool suggestion, no doubt inspired at least in part by Philadelphia’s statue of their hometown movie hero Rocky. Sadly, the short-sighted Bing politely declined the idea, which was overflowing with win. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who has [...]

Poland to build world’s largest Jesus statue

The world’s largest statue of Jesus is being constructed in a small Polish town. The new statue will eclipse Rio’s “Christ the Redeemer” and will help…

Giant man swimming in grass

A gigantic, life-like statue of a man swimming through the pavement on the bank of the River Thames was unveiled.The fixture, near Tower Bridge, was commissioned by The Discovery Channel to advertise its newest reality show, London Ink, and will be unveiled by the show’s star, Louis Molloy.Mr Molloy is best known for being David [...]

The Autobot of Odessa

This statue of a guardian type robot near Odessa in Ukraine is made from old, junked cars, among other things. Apparently it was constructed by a logistics company called TIS (Transinvestservice) in order to serve as a signpost of sorts. Now, instead of telling visitors to take a left at the 161km post, they can [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Photo-Op Statues

With the holidays here, I bet lots of you are planning on traveling (we are). I love nothing more than to break up a road trip with ridiculous little stops, much to the chagrin of my car companions. They grumble, but they secretly love me for it (I hope). If you’re looking to break up [...]

8 U.S. Presidents With Statues Abroad

Every former U.S. president has been honored with a statue in the United States, some more than others. A handful of the 43 men who have held the nation’s highest office have also been honored with statues abroad. Here are a few examples, including some that may surprise you. 1. George W. Bush—Albania Bush will always [...]

Stephen Wiltshire draws 18ft pic of NY

This astonishing 18ft drawing of the world’s most famous skyline was created by autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire after he spent just 20 minutes in a helicopter gazing at the panorama. The unbelievably intricate picture was drawn at Brooklyn’s prestigious Pratt Institute from Stephen’s memory, with details of every building sketched in to scale. Landmarks including the Empire [...]