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Chroma Key

The amount of green screens in film (also known as Chroma keying) and television really goes unnoticed. I used to think I could spot all the places in a film that there was CG, I guess I was wrong. This video may be dated a little, but just imagine what is now possible with the [...]

Stargate Wedding Ring

Hopefully a marriage joined with this ring will last more than 38 minutes. The Seattle-based company Wedding Band Designs says that the inner ring spins like a real stargate. This is just a design concept, so I hope that it does spin, or else we’ll be stuck here for a long, long time. Link -via When [...]

15 Facts You Might Not Know about Stargate SG-1

Stargate is a science fiction franchise comprised of a movie and no less than three television shows totaling seventeen seasons of broadcast time. The 1994 movie by Roland Emmerich was a huge success and led to the creation of the first television series, Stargate SG-1, on Showtime starting in 1997. Clocking in at 214 episodes, [...]

Stargate Auction

Props, costumes, and other artifacts from the TV series Stargate are up for auction September 25 and 26 in Seattle, Washington. If you can’t be there, you can bid on items via internet. Yes, it’s possible you could end up with your very own Stargate! But it won’t be cheap. Just the catalog for the [...]