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Uh-oh: Starbucks Reports Pumpkin Latte Shortage

You may want to sit down, guys: it’s pumpkin season in Starbucks land, but some stores are reportedly overwhelmed with demand and have run out of pumpkin spice syrup before the next shipment arrives.  Starbucks says there’s no overall shortage of the key syrup ingredient, but notes that some stores suffer setbacks because of less frequent [...]

The Starbucks Diet

Losing weight may be as simple as going to your neighborhood coffee shop. At least, that’s what worked for Christine Hall, who lost nearly 80 pounds by eating only Starbucks food: A law librarian with [...]

A Starbucks Coffee Shop Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before

In Fukuoka, Japan, there exists a Starbucks coffee shop unlike anything you’ve seen before. The Starbucks in the city’s main path to the Shinto shrine Dazaifu Tenmangu, is decorated with 2,000 wooden sticks, woven [...]

World’s First Ski-Thru Starbucks

Need a caffeine fix while skiing but hate taking off your gear to go into the coffee shop? The Squaw Valley has got the solution: the world’s first "ski thru" Starbucks! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Do Little Half and Half Creamers Ever Go Bad?

So I’m up in Seattle this week, staying at a hotel some blocks from the original Starbucks (which, it turns out, isn’t REALLY the original, but rather the second location, which was situated better for marketing purposes, but who’s counting). So I bought some ground coffee, took it back to my hotel room and threw [...]

Jonathan’s Starbucks Card Wants to Buy You a Drink

This is Jonathan Stark’s Starbucks Card and he wants you to use it to buy yourself a coffee. Really, he does. So, feel free to head out and get yourself a strong cup of joe or a latte on him. What’s the catch? Well, technically there isn’t one. If you take your free drink and [...]

Get A Drink With This Starbucks Card

Jonathan Stark is either a marketer or someone performing a strange social experiment. Either way, he has offered up his Starbucks card for free public use. Surprisingly, people have continued to add money to it, so the card has continued to be useable for a long time now. You can even check the balance on [...]

Propane-Powered Coffeemaker

Starbucks VIA are for sissy hipsters. Real men BREW their coffee, even in the great outdoors. But if the thought of making coffee on a camp stove make you shudder like the thought of sipping decaf (the horror!), then take heart because there’s this: a propane-powered coffeemaker. Yes, that’s right, people. Propane-powered. Coleman, we coffee-addicts salute you! [...]

Starbucks Offers Ginormous New Drink Size

Starbucks is now offering the trenta size, which is just one ounce short of a full quart. Sadly, it will not be available for straight coffee — just icy drinks. In this infographic, Andrew Barr of Canada’s National Post points out that this size is larger than the average adult stomach capacity. Link — Thanks, Jeremy! [...]

All You Need is Love

(YouTube link) Starbucks launched their campaign against AIDS in Africa by putting together singers from 156 countries in one video performing The Beatles’ song All You Need is Love. Link -via Buzzfeed