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A Jedi Christmas Story

Why, it’s a major award! Let’s move it in front of the window so the neighbors can see it! Gordon Tarpley has reason to be proud of his leg lamp. Link -via Distracted by Star Wars


You have seen the Wampug, i.e. Chubbs, now check out this Banthapug! There is even a little Tusken Raider riding along. It’s Chubbs the Pug and Chubbs is dressed up as a Bantha from Star Wars. -Via Obvious Winner

Star Wars Meets West Side Story

The power of the Internet! You want to watch a mashup of Star Wars and West Side Story? Well bam, here it is. Particularly well edited if you ask me, the sound effects are pretty spot on. One of my favorite parts of this bit actually came from the comment section. You go SpeedBikeDad! -Via Obvious [...]

US Navy develops C-3PO style robot

The Star Wars inspired robot has been designed to assist in fighting fires and to throw grenades. Known as ASH ( Autonomous Shipboard Humanoid ), the …

Indiana Jones and Company by Patrick Schoenmaker

DeviantART member Patrick Schoenmaker drew these wonderful interpretations of the characters from the Indiana Jones film series. If there’s ever an animated version, I hope it looks this good! See more of his Indiana Jones and Star Wars works in his gallery. Link -via The Daily What Geek

How to Make Your Own Great Geek Hair Accessories

From headbands to barrettes, Fashionably Geek has a great tutorial on how to make your own great geek-inspired hair accessories. I want to learn how to make some of these great barrettes -especially the Star Wars ones. Link

Video Of A Flying Bike In Action

(YouTube Link) This video shows a flying (hovering, really) bike created by Aerofex floating across the desert floor, proving that our Star Wars landspeeder/speeder bike dreams will soon be coming true. It can go as fast as 30 mph, and as high as 15 feet off the ground, and once they’ve supplied the military Aerofex is going [...]

Yoda Pet Costume

Yoda Pet Costume – $15.95 To shop early you need. Right around the corner, Halloween is. Delay, do not! Get your Yoda dog costume from the NeatoShop before, all gone, are they.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Pet Stuff and fantastic Star Wars items. Link

Star Wars Spaghetti Westerns

George Lucas had trouble selling his Star Wars concept. What if he had responded by going to Italy where filmmaking was cheaper? Timothy Anderson created posters for all three movies from that deliciously weird alternate universe. Link -via blastr

How To Prepare For a Job Interview

Got a job interview? Are you anxious? Here’s a little mind trick that you can do to prepare yourself, courtesy of Lumberjack Films and Star Wars. Geeks Are Sexy has the clip: Link [YouTube]