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Star Wars Terrariums

Tony Larson’s tiny terrariums will give you enchanted glimpses of Dagobah, Tatooine and Endor. And if you care to depart the Star Wars universe, you can also visit the homelands of Bigfoot, the Wolfman and many dinosaurs. Link -via Technabob

A Where’s Waldo Style Panoramic Shot Of Mos Eisley

This panoramic shot of Mos Eisley by illustrator Ulises Farinas is full of characters and props from the Star Wars universe, some from another universe altogether, and some funny little Where’s Waldo style surprises to discover as you scan over the detail crammed scene. This amazing illustration definitely warrants a closer look, so make sure you [...]

The Phantom Menace-Sweded Edition

(YouTube Link) In celebration of reference to the Phantom Menace in 3D release, a band of student filmmakers got together and decided to put out the sweded version of the film. It’s short, super silly and cheesy, and all you really need to get you through this dark time in the Star Wars universe, at least until [...]

8 Brilliant Halloween Costumes

Last week you saw 10 Brilliant Halloween Costumes, but there’s more! Just look at the variety of ideas creative people come up with for the one occasion we can be anything we want. 1. Sputnik 2 Last year, Flickr user vietnamted put together a costume that recreated Sputnik 2, the Soviet spaceship that took the dog Laika [...]

The Star Wars Alphabet Guessing Game

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a character from the Star Wars universe here. Can you name them all? You might notice some of the main characters are missing in action, because a puzzle should never be too easy. The answers are at Gamma Squad. Link -via Buzzfeed

Star Wars Secrets Pour out on Twitter with #Wookieleaks Tag

For several months, the #wookieleaks tag on Twitter has been the source of many unveiled secrets in the Star Wars universe. Lately, the activity has greatly increased. blastr has a list of some of the juiciest revelations that have come out. Twitter Link via blastr

If Star Wars Was Set in Edo Japan

Artist Steve Bialik created six prints that re-imagined the Star Wars universe in the Edo period of Japanese history (1603-1868). On the left, you can see Jabba with Leia, and on the right, Admiral Ackbar. Link via Super Punch | Artist’s Website Previously: Samurai Star Wars in Edo Japan

George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, But It’s Okay

We looked at some of the influences George Lucas used to create Star Wars earlier today, but there many parts of the Star Wars universe yet to be explored. Michael Heilemann took an in-depth look at the origins and influences that inspired one particular character we all know and love: Chewbacca. Unfortunately, perhaps because of the [...]

Minimalist Star Wars Planet Posters

Justin Van Genderen designed a series of five posters of places in the Star Wars universe. They remind me of vintage travel agency posters. See posters featuring Tatooine, Hoth, the Degobah System, and Bespin as well as Endor at Gigantor. Link -via Buzzfeed

Star Wars Weather

Weather is explained in Star Wars terms on this site. Enter a city and get the current conditions, whether it’s like Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, Naboo, or some other planet in the Star Wars universe. Enter a city it doesn’t have listed, and the result will be Alderaan, meaning not there. Link -via b3ta