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Star Wars Poster Retro Bowler Handbag

Star Wars Poster Retro Bowler Handbag – $45.95 The holiday season is upon us, but all hope is not lost. You do not have to travel to galaxies far, far away to find the perfect gift for your favorite Star Wars fan. Behold the Star Wars Poster Retro Bowler Handbag from the Neatoshop. This amazing purse features [...]

Rocking Out With Your Droid Out

Any Star Wars fan who also happens to love music should be drooling over this amazing R2D2 guitar (aka GuitaR2D2) by Doug of Doug Draws Things. While I’m not a musician, I’d still love to see someone rocking out on this thing. Link Via Geekologie

A Hot Air Balloon Shaped Like Darth Vader

This custom Sith Lord shaped hot air balloon is still casting the shadow of the Dark Side across the globe, flying high since 2007. It was custom made for (surprise!) a huge Star Wars fan from the UK, who actually got approval from the crew at LucasFilm before making this beautiful hot air balloon. The sweetest part [...]

Samurai Boba Fett Cosplay

I’ve been wondering when someone would get around to creating costumes based on the Samurai Star Wars fan art series, and this cool Samurai Boba Fett costume means that my wait is over. The costume was created by Allen Armis, and it was inspired by the artwork of Clinton Felker, who brought the look of feudal [...]

Stormtrooper Drawn with Virtual Smoke

The Photoshop is strong in this one. Kyle Schruder created this image of a stormtrooper as if it were made out of smoke: Link – See more fun and creative Star Wars fan arts [...]

How to Make Yoda Apples

Jill of Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons has a knack for making food crafts that are simple but completely convincing. She assembled her latest creation for her five-year old Star Wars fan. To duplicate it, all you’ll need is an apple, a marshmallow, 2 chocolate chips, peanut butter and a toothpick. Link -via Bit Rebels

Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks Bobbleheads

Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks Bobbleheads -  $11.45 Are you a Star Wars fan with a great sense of humor? You need to check out the new Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks Bobbleheads from the NeatoShop. These little guys will crack you up. Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks come in the following styles: Darth Vader – I love You Sith Much Leia [...]

Star Wars According To Someone Who Hasn’t Seen It

Everyone has that iconic movie that they have never seen. For example I have never seen the film Titanic, but know enough about it. Amanda Boone has never seen the Star Wars trilogy so her filmmaker friend decided to animate her narration of the classic space opera. Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi’s friend Amanda Boone has not [...]

A Chewbacca Good Enough to Eat

The perfect lunch for a Star Wars fan, don’t you think? He’s almost too cute to eat. The artist appears to be unknown – if it’s you, step up and own your awesomeness. Link via Geeks are Sexy

8 People Who Are Seriously Obsessed

Most of us have hobbies, but some super fans or super collectors go beyond the limits of what most of us have time for. You might call them obsessive. Rob Foster is in the running for the most obsessive collecting of Star Wars toys. While it’s hard to definitively claim that Rob Foster is the biggest [...]