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Serial Wars

If you’ve been following Neatorama for awhile, you are familiar with the work of Sillof. His latest line of pop culture figures imagines Star Wars characters if they had been produced in the 1940s era of sci-fi serials. Get a closer view of each character (the bad guys are there, too) at Sillof’s Workshop. Link

LEGO Star Wars Pen

LEGO Star Wars Pen – $7.95 Back to school is nearly here. Have you found that perfect pen? You need the LEGO Star Wars Pen from the NeatoShop. This fabulous little writing tool comes with interchangeable parts for minutes, possibly hours, of entertainment. LEGO Star Wars Pens are sold individually. It is available in 8 different LEGO [...]

Ambigrams and Upside-down Heads

Sam “No Nickname” Saxton makes vertical ambigrams with illustrations that read the same whether you hold them right side up or upside down. He’s given the treatment to presidents, pop culture figures, and even Star Wars characters! Link

Star Wars Crayon Sculptures

These marvelous sculptures of Star Wars characters have been attributed to an artist named Steve Thompson. The detailed work on the stormtrooper helmet is particularly nice. via blastr | Previously: Crayon Sculpture

The Cute Side of The Force

These little, cute crocheted Star Wars characters really make you say awww-some. They have no other purpose than to perhaps be the perfect gift for your buddy who loves Star wars and arts and crafts. Link

Dr. Seuss Does Star Wars

Cartoonist Adam Watson took two of our favorite fantasy worlds and melded them in drawings of Star Wars characters as imagined by Dr. Seuss! In addition to Jabba here, see Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and more at his site. Link

Star Wars Typography

The Milan-based advertising agency H-57 Creative Station made three posters that depict Star Wars characters typographically. The two other posters at the link illustrate Yoda and Darth Vader. Link via Nerd Bastards

Star Wars Facebook Updates

Yeah, but they’re teddy bears that eat people, so don’t feel too bad. Brian Murphy of CollegeHumor put together five Facebook update pages as though they had been written by Star Wars characters. Link via Hell in a Handbasket

Why Dogs Hate Halloween

Dog blogs always get emailed lots of photos, and, naturally, the Halloween season brings about a barrage of photos of costumed pups. Being one of the largest pet blogs on the net, Dogster’s blog decided to collect some of the most embarrassing, yet most endearing photos that were sent to their inbox this holiday season. [...]

130 Creative Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

The guys over at Walyou have put together an impressive collection of “130 Halloween Pumpkin Carvings for Your Inspiration”. Here you will find gaming theme pumpkin art, Star Wars characters pumpkin faces and much more. Link