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Sisko Wanted to Be Bald and Other Things You Might Not Know about Deep Space Nine

In 1993, Star Trek began a bold experiment: a series set on a fixed location. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was an unusual, experimental and gloriously successful contribution to the Star Trek universe. Here are some facts that you might not know about the show. 1. Brandon Tartikoff originally conceived of Deep Space Nine as The [...]

Real life Star Trek Tricorder developed

Dr. Peter Jansen has built a measuring device very much like those used in the Star Trek universe. “Star Trek inspired me to be a scientist,” he said….

TV News Crew Confuses Star Trek Organization with US Navy SEALs

In the Star Trek universe, the Maquis was a military organization created by Federation colonists who ended up on the Cardassian side of the border when the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union signed a peace treaty. SEAL Team Six of the US Navy is a different organization, although a German TV news [...]


Artist John Martz (previously at Neatorama) brings us Trexels, a print featuring 235 characters from the Star Trek universe in pixel form, all in one place. How many can you name? The two people who can correctly name the most characters will each win a limited edition print, but you only have until Tuesday to [...]

Non-Intoxicating Alcohol in Development

In the Star Trek universe, synthehol is a substance that simulates the taste of alcohol without its inebriating effects. Three and a half years ago, Alex mentioned that a British pharmacologist named David Nutt claimed that such a substance was hypothetically possible. Now Nutt is leading a research team at Imperial College London to develop [...]