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The Late Movies: Star Trek Humor

After posting yesterday’s laugh-a-minute-for-fifteen-minutes hit Worf is Always Wrong, I thought I’d round up a few more wacky Star Trek videos. Make it so, Number One! TNG: Worf is a Punching Bag Nearly seven minutes of Worf being attacked, shot, and otherwise suffering trauma. TNG(ish): Wil Wheaton’s Voice in 2009 Trek Movie Did you know Wil Wheaton did [...]

The Late Movies: Star Trek Sound Effects

I love me some Star Trek — and I’m a TNG man through and through. So when I came across a 24-hour loop of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D engine noise (that’s the TNG ship to you non-superfans), I was in geeky heaven. It’s wonderfully soothing — I’d love to have this sound playing at [...]

The Original Star Trek Theme Had Lyrics

(Video Link) The immediate source for this post is Snopes, but I’ve snooped around some other sources. As a result, I’m reasonably sure that this story is true. Alexander Courage wrote the orchestral theme to Star Trek (above video). Under the provisions of his contract, he was owed royalties every time that theme was run or re-run. Gene [...]