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I Don’t Always Play a Red Shirt on Star Trek. But When I Do, I Survive The Whole Episode

That’s right, Neatoramanauts. Jonathan Goldsmith, the man behind Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World, once played a Red Shirt in the Star Trek episode The [...]

How Accurately Does Hollywood Age Actors?

In 1967, William Shatner played 34-year old Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek episode “The Deadly Years.” A strange affliction struck members of a landing party, causing them to age rapidly. Within hours, they became elderly, infirm and partially senile. At the time, Shatner was 36 years old. Now he’s 81. Did the [...]

Wil Wheaton Playing with a Star Trek Christmas Ornament

(Video Link) In a video appropriately titled “I’ll Be Pon Farr Christmas”, geek celebrity Wil Wheaton plays with a Christmas ornament that he discovered. It depicts a scene from the Star Trek episode “Amok Time” and plays appropriate music. Warning: rumor has it that if you say Wil Wheaton’s name three times, he will appear before you. [...]

Neatolicious Fun Facts: Red Shirts

One of our favorite characters from Star Trek had a face that changed every episode. Here are five fun facts about Red Shirts. 1. In the original Star Trek TV series, wearing a uniform with a red shirt meant that someone was in operations, which included the security department (gold or green meant command, and [...]