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The Late Movies: Star Trek Humor

After posting yesterday’s laugh-a-minute-for-fifteen-minutes hit Worf is Always Wrong, I thought I’d round up a few more wacky Star Trek videos. Make it so, Number One! TNG: Worf is a Punching Bag Nearly seven minutes of Worf being attacked, shot, and otherwise suffering trauma. TNG(ish): Wil Wheaton’s Voice in 2009 Trek Movie Did you know Wil Wheaton did [...]

MythBusters Bloopers and Outtakes

So you enjoyed those Star Trek bloopers? How about a bunch of MythBloopers? BLOOP ON, FELLOW NERDS! Blooper/Outtake Reel Warning: a brief NSFW moment when we fleetingly see, no kidding, Adam’s derrière. Drunkenness and Joking Adam and Kari swap jokes. Becomes progressively more and more NSFW. Slapping, Falling Down, and Face-Hitting Includes many moments from the ongoing [...]

The Quick 10: Take a Look, it’s in a Book…

Reading Rainbow rather quietly left the airwaves last year after 26 years of encouraging kids to read simply for the fun of it. To pay homage to the canceled show, we’ve got some great facts lined up for you today… but you don’t have to take my word for it. (I know: that was lame. [...]