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Space Exploration Superstitions

Photo: James Rickman/Los Alamos National Laboratory Rationality be damned! When it comes to space exploration, not even the world’s most brilliant scientific minds are immune to superstitions. Take, [...]

9 Strangest Vacations

If a relaxing week at the beach is boring after all these years, there are ways to have the trip that takes the idea of “vacation” to an extreme you’ll never forget! How about a naked vacation? Or one centered around ghosts, or mermaids, or even a vacation in a war zone? They can be [...]

Hulk Hogan got face smashed at a press

Hulk Hogan got his face smashed at a press conference HULK Hogan wore a white bandana on his forehead at a Roosters rugby league team press conference this afternoon after being viciously mauled by ring rival Ric Flair hours earlier when a promotional media call at Star City flew out of control. Earlier today at the Star [...]