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When The Office and The Matrix Combine

(Video Link) It’s true, dreaming about Milton never shutting up about his stapler really would be a nightmare. Of course, if you woke up to a call by Lumbergh after that, you might start wishing you were in The Matrix. Via io9

Skull Stapler

Skull Stapler – $48.95 Are you a wallflower looking to blend in at work? Well, the Skull Stapler from the NeatoShop is not for you! This baby is big, bad, and bold! Now please sulk quietly away from this very cool Skull Stapler. Your stolen black office stapler misses you. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop [...]

Sushi Staplers

Sushi Stapler – $4.95 Are those staplers a little fishy? Why, yes! Now your favorite nigiri can also staple your paperwork. Behold the Sushi Stapler from the NeatoShop. They’re the perfect gifts for the sushi lovers in your life: Link | More Fun Back to School items | More Fun and Unusual Office Supplies