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Stanley Kubrick’s One-Point Perspective

(vimeo link) Stanley Kubrick was a master of the one-point perspective shot, and this supercut by  kogonada points out just how many he used.  -via Geekosystem

10 Greatest Movies of All Time, as Picked by Geeks

Once a decade, Sight & Sound asks film critics to select a list of 10 greatest movies of all time. These wonks came up with a list of 10 films that I bet most of you haven’t seen before. [...]

11 Authors Who Hated the Movie Versions of Their Books

Some of the most beloved movies ever were based on books. But just because we loved them doesn’t mean the original author did. 1. Disney’s Mary Poppins might be a cherished childhood memory for a lot of us, but for author P.L. Travers, it was a complete slap in the face. Despite having script approval, Travers’ [...]

1940s New York City Photos by Stanley Kubrick

Before Stanley Kubrick was able to make a living as a movie director, he worked as a photojournalist for Look magazine. He took nearly 10,000 photos and 25 of these have now been made available as limited-edition prints. Link – Flavorwire via Kottke

7 Video Games Based on Works of Art (or a John Hodgman Podcast)

Video games often feature dumb premises: plumbers must save a princess from a dragon/turtle monster? What’s going on there?! But what happens when video games are based on great works of literature, music, film, and theater — does great art make a great game? Read on for some of our favorites. 1. [...]

What Happened to the X-Rating?

Once a pariah among concerned parents and a source of snickers among schoolchildren, the dreaded X-rating has all but vanished. What made this formerly MPAA-sanctioned rating go away? The Rating Game Hollywood has enforced an evolving system of self-regulation since the 1920s to avoid government intervention. In 1922, studio bosses answered the threat of censorship by creating [...]

In space, no one can hear you scream

The title of my post today comes from the Alien movie poster—it’s the film’s tagline, if you recall. Of course, we all know how many sci-fi series have messed this little fact up by adding explosions and such to satisfy our selfish need for action, no matter how inauthentic. But there are some great examples [...]

How People of the ’70s Pictured Space Colonies of the Future

Back in the early 1970s, when Americans were just plain wild about the (seemingly) imminent reality of living in space, a NASA design study attempted to conceptualize just how such an idea could be brought to fruition. The illustrations created to describe how these colonies would look, and what living accoutrements they would contain, represent [...]

Stop-Motion Chess Game

  (YouTube Link) This claymation chess game is a re-enactment of the famous one between Roesch and Schlage in Hamburg in 1910 which was also featured in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. This video, directed and animated by Riccardo Crocetta, begins with two innocent looking balls of clay but by the end snakes, winged horses, unicorns and sharks fight it out. Via [...]

The Fruit of the Matter

(Image credit: Flickr user Martin LaBar) SUPREME WISDOM Technically, green peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes are all fruits. But don’t try telling that tot he U.S. Supreme Court. Per the 1893 case Nix vs. Hedden, the court decided tomatoes were veggies and therefore subject to the vegetable tariff. What was the Supreme Court’s reasoning? Tomatoes have to [...]