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The 12 Times NHL Goalies Scored Goals Themselves

ADAM HUNGER/Reuters/Landov New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, who has helped lead his team to the Stanley Cup Finals, is part of an exclusive club. Brodeur is one of 10 goalies who has scored a goal in an NHL game and one of two goalies who has scored twice. Here’s the complete list. 1. Billy Smith, 1979 Smith, [...]

The Only Three Ties in Stanley Cup Finals History

If Boston wins at home tonight, the Stanley Cup Finals will head back to Canada for a deciding Game 7. If Vancouver wins, the Canucks will clinch their first Stanley Cup in three tries. But what if the teams tie? It’s highly unlikely that tonight’s game will end in a draw. After all, Rule 84.5 of [...]

Renaissance Paintings of Hockey

No, the NHL isn’t that old, but Alexandr Reut is fond of suggesting that it is. He’s composed several works showing hockey in a style reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance. This one depicts the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup. If the players are unfamiliar to you, the legend at the article link identifies each [...]

The Late Movies: Sports Celebrations

When my hometown team, the Philadelphia Phillies, won the World Series in 2008, I was at a small, crowded bar in my neighborhood. As the final out was called, the room erupted. I hugged my friend and then turned around and hugged at least 12 strangers before running outside and high-fiving every person I saw [...]

What Happens to the Losing Team’s Championship Shirts? (2010 Edition)

After a big game in any sport, from a league championship to the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, etc., people are going to be clamoring for commemorative merchandise almost immediately, so it would make sense to have two sets printed up—declaring each team the winner. The major sports leagues all produce official hats and shirts [...]

What Happens to the Losing Team’s Championship Shirts?

The World Series is in full swing, and fans have all kinds of burning questions: will the Yankee bats wake up? What happens when the Phillies have to rely on their bullpen? And what becomes of the losing team’s pre-printed championship t-shirts? We can’t predict what will happen on the field, but Matt Soniak looked [...]