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"Anternet": What Ants and the Internet Have In Common

Quick: what do ants and the Internet have in common? A Stanford ant biologist and a computer scientist came up with the answer: On the surface, ants and the Internet don’t seem to have much in common. [...]

The 7 Dumbest Video Game Innovations

Everyone wants to come up with the Wii, which means everyone wants to come up with a new video game idea that so out-of-the-box that everyone will want to buy it. Which leads us to some strange and frankly dumb innovations. Like Biotic games, developed by Stanford researchers to teach children about biology. Biotic games look [...]

Robot Skin That Can Feel

Here is yet another development that will have you asking scientists “seriously, have you never seen The Terminator?” The good folks at Cyberdine – I mean Stanford researchers have developed a skin that could one day be used to cover and give tactile sensation to robots. The new super-skin will give future android robots–which are coming [...]