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16 Awesome Sea-Themed Rooms

If you’ve always fantasized about living like a sailor, but can’t stand getting seasick, then you can always do the next best thing and decorate your home like a boat or submarine. It might sound cheesy in theory, but sometimes these designs look downright awesome, as evidenced by the rooms in this great WebUrbanist article. Link

6 Illicit Lemonade Stands Towns Had to Shut Down

Lemonade stand image via Shutterstock For generations, entrepreneurial kids have set up card tables in front yards to sell ice cold drinks to passers-by. But sometimes the law catches up with these renegade youngsters. 1. 1983 – Belleair, Florida Like a lot of kids, six-year old Ali Thorn wanted to make some money. She didn’t have dreams [...]

Floating Movie Theater

I assume that the projection stand and the screen are anchored into the ground, but otherwise Ole Scheeren’s temporary movie theater off the coast of Thailand rocked with the waves. A recent film festival used it for private viewings. What would you want to watch at this theater? Titanic? Spongebob Squarepants? Waterworld? Link | Architect’s Website [...]

Navy Beer Bot

Redditor reyvehn told the story of the day he worked a beer stand at an air show, and someone from the military contingent sent a TALON Naval EOD bot up to the stand with a $5 bill in its claw. So he replaced the money with a Bud Lite and snapped a picture. And of [...]

iPad Mods

I had to laugh when I saw this picture of an old Mac Classic used as a stand for an iPad! It’s part of the list called 8 Amazing Uses of an iPad. Link -Thanks, Dave E!

Biomechanical Mic Stand

Photo: Dennis Blachut When Adam Gontier, the lead singer of Three Days Grace, ran across the sci-fi sculptures of Christopher Contee, he commissioned a mic stand that Skynet would heartily approve. Behold, the Biomechanical Mic Stand: Link | Wired Article by Lewis Wallace

DIY $100 Origami iPhone Stand

You’ve got an iPhone, so surely you deserve an iPhone stand that speaks of your high social status. No cheapie stand for you – so, how about one that costs $100? Enrique Pardo explains how to make your very own origami iPhone stand out of a $100 bill (yes, technically you can also use a [...]