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Scooting Our Bottoms Down The Stairs Together…Yay!

(Video Link) What do you do when your dog is scared to go down the stairs? You carry him, of course…when he’s to big to carry though, you might need to come up with a more novel solution -like the one these two have turned to. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

That Peculiar Subway Step

(vimeo link) Dean Peterson noticed that the tenth step up on the staircase at his subway stop in Brooklyn was a fraction of an inch taller than the other stairs. That’s just enough to make everyone whack it with their foot, because by the time you reach it, your feet know how tall it should be. [...]

Stair Lifts for Fat Dogs

The days of carrying your fat dog up the stairs are behind you, thanks to the world’s first stair lift for obese pet. The Daily Mail has more pics: Link

Waltzing Cat

(YouTube link) This cat has a unique method of climbing up the stairs. Soon you see that it probably has something to do with the “prey” it has caught. -via Buzzfeed

Corgi Needs Help Using Stairs

(Video Link) Corgi puppies are some of the most vertically challenged animals the world, thankfully, this little one has a friend to help him climb up the stairs. Via BuzzFeed

Clever Girl

(YouTube link) After surgery, Lucy had to wear a protective collar (the cone of shame). In her first attempt, she found her normal method of walking up the stairs was difficult, so she quickly came up with her own workaround. -via reddit

Pipe Wrench Table

Designer Jonathan Niemuth made this coffee table. His portfolio contains other mechanical innovations, including a hand truck that can climb stairs. Link via Dude Craft

Turning a Staircase into a Piano

(YouTube Link) This Volkswagen commercial is about one effort to get people to take the stairs instead of the escalator (presumably for the exercise). The company turned a staircase at a Stockholm subway station into a piano and videotaped how travelers responded. via Urlesque | Commercial Credits