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That Peculiar Subway Step

(vimeo link) Dean Peterson noticed that the tenth step up on the staircase at his subway stop in Brooklyn was a fraction of an inch taller than the other stairs. That’s just enough to make everyone whack it with their foot, because by the time you reach it, your feet know how tall it should be. [...]

Salt Staircase

John Farrier posted about Motoi Yamamoto’s amazing salt labyrinth before, but that’s just one of many cool salt artwork that the artist has made. Check out this crumbling salt staircase called Utsusemi: Link [...]

C3PO Descending a Staircase and Other Classic Works of Science Fiction Art

Sir, it’s quite possible this staircase is not entirely stable. Nonetheless, C3PO will descend it as Mr. Duchamp requires. John Mattos composed this painting. You can see a roundup of other famous works of art with a science fiction twist at the link. Link -via The Uniblog | Mattos’s Website

The Longest Straight Staircase in the World Has 699 Steps

Team, today’s stair running drill is going to be a doozy. Pictured above is Jacob’s Ladder, a staircase in the UK Overseas Territory of Saint Helena. Settlers built it as an inclined plane in 1829 to help bring agricultural products into Jamestown, the capital of the island. The staircase is now accessible to tourists, but [...]

A Courthouse with a Glass Staircase

People in glass houses shouldn’t …wear dresses? The new $105 million Franklin County, Ohio courthouse opened this week and the women who will work there were surprised to see it has a staircase made of glass. Franklin County Judge Julie Lynch speculated that the staircase was designed by men, who didn’t consider that women in [...]

How to Make a Staircase Using Most of a Sheet of Plywood

Consider this puzzle: how can you make a staircase out of a single sheet of plywood and have as little wood left over as possible? That was the task of Instructables user Pilgrim55. It looks like he has only four pieces of scrap. Link via Make

Graffiti Stairs Optical Illusion

This work of work of art, according to Neatoramanaut chriskayTO, can be found in a subway station in Toronto. Examined from the correct angle, it looks like a staircase. Link via Geekosystem

Amazing Staircase Design

This cool staircase/slide combo is known by London architect Alex Michaelis. It’s one of 15 awesome staircases featured on Web Urbanist. Link

Bottle Bank Arcade

YouTube Link From The Fun Theory, a project by Volkswagen and the ones who brought us the piano staircase, comes bottle bank arcade. Again the question is posed, “If we make it fun, will people start doing it?” Yes, they will. Thanks, Luna!

The Greatest Spiral Stairs in the World

There is something mysterious and intriguing about spiral staircases. Atlas Obscura looks at some of the most magnificent spiral staircases in the world, with lovely pictures and facts you might not know. For example, the staircase at the Vatican Museum, pictured here, is actually a double helix, with one staircase going up and the other [...]