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Say Hello to the Office Goat

(Video Link) Pssh… office dogs are so last year. Here at the Neatorama office, we’ve moved on to the office goat long ago. Granted, he once ate an entire stack of paychecks, but he also gave us a great excuse when we were about to get audited that one time, so… Via Pets Lady

Waldo Can’t Hide From Mathematica

Waldo may be good at hiding from you and me, but can he hide from computers? Stack Overflow user Heike used the power of Mathematica to come up with an algorithm that identifies the sneaky striped dude: Link [...]

50 UV Filters Mounted on a Camera

Kenny at was cleaning a bunch of UV filters and, for idle amusement, decided to mount them on a camera. Pictured above is a stack of 50. Then he and his co-worker Roger went out and took pictures. Below is one of them, paired with a shot without any filters. Link -via Technabob

House of Cards Table

Brazilian designer Mauricio Arruda created this cleverly named the House of Cards Table that looks like it’s resting on a flimsy stack of cards. But don’t let that fool you – the “cards” are actually made from plates of steel and can be put together in random configuration, just like you would a real deck [...]

Stack the Bones

Stack the Bones – $19.95 Stack the Bones is a classic stacking game, just like Jenga … but more gruesome! The game, designed by Chris Collicott, includes 54 wooden “bone” pieces and 1 wooden skull piece. It’s grisly fun for the whole family. From the Neatorama Shop: Link

Sticky Note Chair

Photo: razy2 The Polish design team razy2 made a chair that’s built like a stack of sticky notes. The Q-Book is composed of sheets of paper, carefully cut, that are attached on one side. If you need something to write on, just tear off a sheet. Artist’s Website via Make