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For the Truly Dedicated Sriracha Fans

Personally, a tiny squirt of Sriracha is all I ever need, but for those that truly love the hot sauce, this spray bottle adaptation is a brilliant way to get your fix as fast as possible. Just don’t use it as a weapon -John, I know you’ve been plotting revenge, but that’s just not cool. Link [...]

Squirt Gun Pen

Squirt Gun Pen – $7.95 You are an optimist who is not afraid to walk on the wild side of life. The Squirt Gun Pen from the NeatoShop was made for you. Just remember it isn’t always wise to squirt your boss in the face with water. You might also want to avoid doing this to [...]

Failed Food Launches

ShortList Magazine put together a list of foods that didn’t catch on. Do you recall the McLobster? I don’t. I remember EZ Squirt, but I never tried it. Never wanted to. Last time I checked (lie: I never have) people have always been happy with the colour of ketchup. Tomatoes are red. Ketchup, made from tomatoes, [...]