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Water Guns Banned, Real Guns OK at GOP Convention in Florida

There’s politics, and then there’s gun politics: You cannot bring squirt guns to certain areas of the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida – safety reasons, you understand – but real guns? Those are perfectly [...]

The Wet and Wild History of the Super Soaker

For generations, kids spent their summers chasing each other around the backyard with simple water pistols that barely shot more than a few feet. But squirt guns got a major upgrade in the 1990s when the Super Soaker was introduced by Larami Toys. For over 20 years, these high-powered water guns have dominated [...]

The Quick 10: Bullets? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bullets.

I went to the Nebraska/Colorado game this weekend and had an experience that others only dream of – I got to shoot the hot dog gun. As a society, we’ve apparently become obsessed with shooting things out of guns – from spices to condoms, here are 10 things available in speeding-bullet format (or pseudo speeding-bullet [...]