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The Late Movies: Modern Internet Stuff, 80s and 90s Style

The folks at Squirrel-monkey have been putting together parody videos showing what popular online games and websites today might have looked like twenty or thirty years ago. The videos are short, goofy, and a lot of the jokes will make little sense to people younger than about 30. Enjoy! The Facebook (90s Style) “The Facebook [...]

If Twitter Had Been Invented in the 1980s

(Video Link) One thing that wouldn’t change is that people would still send out messages while drunk. Squirrel Monkey created this video showing Twitter though a DOS environment and painfully glaring colors. At his/her site, you can also find 80s versions of Google, Facebook and Angry Birds. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

The Quick 10: 10 Animals in Space

1. Laika. You might have heard of little Laika, the first animal to enter the final frontier. Not much was known about space at the time – we weren’t even sure if humans could withstand entry beyond a certain point. So poor Laika the 11-pound stray dog was sent to test that out aboard Sputnik [...]