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DARPA’s Obedient Robot

(YouTube link) Boston Dynamics and DARPA introduced the quadruped robot known as BigDog a few years ago, and have worked to improve it ever since. The latest incarnation of the robotic pack mule is the LS3, which obeys spoken commands! The LS3 is also known as AlphaDog. The purpose of the robot is to relieve troops [...]

Marvel Unleashes The All Winners Squad

I was overjoyed when I found out that Marvel is making an animated web series called All Winners Squad, which features Howard the Duck and some lesser known characters like Squirrel Girl, Hypno Hustler and Ruby Tuesday (the dome headed superhero not the restaurant chain). This reject squad series looks like it will be a laugh riot, [...]

Bomb Squad Summoned to Defuse Box Full of Kittens

A box was found unattended on the front steps of the Social Security office in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The bomb squad rushed to the scene to defuse what employees feared might be a bomb. It turned out to be a box full of kittens: The bomb squad quickly suited up and headed to the scene to [...]