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7 Ingenious Hidden Spy Cameras

Getty Images There may be no more important tool of espionage than the camera. It’s ideal for blackmail, collecting information, stealing documents, and reconnaissance. Because the technology involved is relatively simple, it’s possible to insert a camera into just about anything—and throughout history, that’s just what spy agencies have done. Here are a few objects that [...]

Awesome Gadgets Used by Real-Life Spies

Is there anything cooler than super-secret spy tech? Maybe, but you can bet that it’s even more super-secret than your clearance allows. These, however, are gadgets we know exist, and they’re used by people who would tell you all about it, but then they’d have to kill you. Spies gather information by watching, listening, and waiting. Eavesdropping [...]

The Best Spy Shoes Since Get Smart

I could never walk in these darn things but heck, I’d be a terrible spy too. For those that do walk just fine in heels and are sick of carrying purses or hiding cyanide capsules in their bras, these Double Agent Shoes are just the ticket for hiding all your secret cargo. Link Via Laughing Squid

The Spy in the Bag

MI6, the British intelligence service that inspired the James Bond story, has got a real-life spy mystery on its hand: One of its own spy was found dead, padlocked inside a duffel back in a bathtub. Was it the work of foreign [...]

Dog Has Rebel Alliance Logo Cut into His Fur

But what’s not obvious is that the dog isn’t working for the Alliance. He’s a spy for the Empire. The hairy emblem is part of a false flag operation. Do not trust this dog owned by a friend of Geekologie reader Joe. Link

Mata Hari: Famous Spy or Creative Storyteller?

Nearly everyone has heard of Mata Hari, one of the most cunning and seductive spies of all-time. Except that statement isn’t entirely true. Cunning and seductive, yes. Spy? Probably not.  Margaretha Geertruida Zelle was the eldest daughter of a hat store owner who was quite wealthy thanks to some savvy oil investments. When her mother died, [...]

Video Spy Glasses Raise Over 300K on Kickstarter

If you’re like me then you always wanted your own pair of covert spy glasses just like in a James Bond movie. Apparently a lot of people out there do as well because one company was able to raise over three hundred thousand dollars on to create glasses that record video from the perspective [...]

Spies Like Us: Spying without Spies

The alternatives to HUMINT, or human intelligence, include remote sensors that do the spy’s work, but from a distance. The names given to these type of sensors are COMINT, or communications intelligence, SIGINT, signals, ELINT or electronic and IMINT or imagery intelligence. Of all these cool-sounding approaches to spying without spies, IMINT is perhaps the [...]

Ultraviolet Spy Pen

Ultraviolet Spy Pen – $9.95 Do you long to be a secret agent? Sorry we can’t make that happen, but we can help you pretend! You just need to get yourself the Ultraviolet Spy Pen from the NeatoShop. With the fabulous Ultraviolet Spy Pen you can write all the secret grocery lists your heart desires. No one [...]

The Fifty Funniest Movie Title Translations

When Hollywood movies are renamed for overseas audiences, the results can be literal or inexplicable, and sometimes remarkably apt. For example, Knocked Up was released in China as One Night Big Belly, which makes perfect sense. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me became Austin Powers: The Spy Who Behaved Very Nicely Around Me in [...]