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Laika’s Revenge

Laika was the first living creature from Earth in space. She rode into orbit in Sputnik 2 and died there — as the Soviets knew she would. Nick Abadzis has created a graphic novel which depicts alternate scenarios for Laika. It looks like the Soviet space program may come to an early end. Link -via [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Animals in Space

1. Laika. You might have heard of little Laika, the first animal to enter the final frontier. Not much was known about space at the time – we weren’t even sure if humans could withstand entry beyond a certain point. So poor Laika the 11-pound stray dog was sent to test that out aboard Sputnik [...]

Sputnik 2 Anniversary

(YouTube link) Fifty-two years ago today (November 3, 1957), Sputnik 2 launched from the Soviet Union with a dog named Laika {wiki} on board. It was a tremendous political coup for the USSR to launch a living being into orbit. Unfortunately it wasn’t so tremendous for Laika, as they made no plans for her to ever [...]