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Zombie Targets That Really Bleed

If you want to get the feel of actually shooting a zombie and watching him spring a leak without harming living humans then check out these grisly bleeding zombie targets from Zombie Industries. Created with a sense of realism, and a morbid curiosity, in mind these ugly little buggers are just begging to be pumped full [...]

Taste The Dark Side In Blk Bottled Spring Water

I don’t consider thick black liquid to be a tantalizing beverage option, unless it comes in a shot glass and contains about forty percent alcohol, but Blk Beverages Black Spring Water claims to be more refreshing than drinking a bottle of ink. It doesn’t get you drunk, it gets you vitaminized, so here’s the scoop straight [...]

5 Questions: Bird Imitations

Spring’s almost hear, and the trees are singing once again. Today’s 5 Question quiz: Bird Imitations.

Alternate Alternative Fuel for Robots of the Future

In what seems like the perfect solution to everything (or an episode of What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!), a pair of prototypes hint at a future in which robots eat bugs for fuel. Forget charging batteries or docking in your very own R2D2 — these autonomous, self-feeding droids could easily run along happily without us. [...]

Now Streaming on Netflix: The Wonder Years

Before you sit down and watch all 115 episodes, see how well you remember the up-and-comers who appeared on the show in minor roles. When we first ran this quiz last spring, Winnie Cooper herself (Danica McKellar) only got 9 of 11. Can you beat that? Take the Quiz: Were They on The Wonder Years?

Deadly weather in US could become the norm

With so much weather related destruction this Spring researchers believe it could be the new norm. Wild fires in Texas. Tornadoes in the Southeast. Fl…

Seattle School Renames Easter Eggs as "Spring Spheres"

Poor Easter Bunny! Seattle public school is renaming Easter eggs “Spring Spheres.” The story broke on Dori Monson Show on the radio: Jessica, 16, told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show that a week before spring break, the students commit to a week-long community service project. She decided to volunteer in a third grade class at a [...]

Spring comes early due to global warming

Spring appears to be arriving earlier every year due to global warming according to a leading botanist. The change in the times at which plants bloom …

Singing In The Rain Shower Curtain

Singing In The Rain Shower Curtain - $15.95 Spring is here! Spruce up your bathroom with the Singing In The Rain Shower Curtain from the NeatoShop! Let’s face it, after all that spring cleaning you are going to need a good hot shower! Go ahead and sing about those aching and sore muscles. Be sure to check out [...]

Spring Break Badges

These unofficial spring break merit badges can be sent to your friends via Facebook. The Lobster badge is for someone who didn’t use enough sunscreen. The one on the right is called Icarus, for your friend who went after someone who was too hot for them and was then shot down. See all ten badges [...]