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Nelson Mandela: Release

Nelson Mandela was arrested on the spot in which this sculpture sits in 1962. He spent 27 years in custody on Robben Island before becoming the President of South Africa. Titled Release, the sculpture is made of 50 steel beams and is between 21 and 31 feet high. Created by Marco Cianfanelli, a South African [...]

Neatorama Caption Contest: Snoozin’ Cat Winners

Totoro Shoulder Bag Phineas and Ferb – Stainless Steel Food Jar Clyde the Cow Picnic Lunchbox       [...]

Scientists locate ‘God spots’ in the brain

Researchers have discovered the areas of the brain responsible for spiritual beliefs and experiences. It has long been theorised that a ‘God spot’ exi…

Spot The Neatobot Contest!

Starting today, we’ll be giving you 4 chances each day this week to win your choice of t-shirt from our neatoshop! All you have to do to enter is spot the Neatobot in one of our daily posts (no, silly, not this post – another post that went up today). When you spot it, click [...]

The Best Place to Scratch on the Human Body

After curing cancer and other serious maladies of man, science turned its attention to solving the mystery of the best scratching spot in the human body. Behold, the magic of science: In the study, reported in [...]

Things You’ve Always Wondered (But Not Enough to Actually Look Up)

Over the years we’ve gotten piles of great ideas from readers in emails that start like this: “I’ve always wondered about this, but never actually took the time to look it up…” That’s our sweet spot. If you’ve got any burning questions, leave a comment or shoot an email to If we’re able to answer [...]

Paula Deen Riding Things

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a soft spot for seriously strange and seriously niche blogs. Paula Deen Riding Things is one of those blogs.The name says it all. The entire site consists of images of Paula Deen riding on things. Enjoy. Link

Cabs Blowing Up in NYC

Not a euphemism, like “blowing up the spot.” I’m saying that taxis are exploding – like spontaneously combusting – in the snow-covered streets of New York City. So while we’re all cursing the cold and wishing for some heat, maybe let’s not wish quite so hard, since, that taxi blowing up in the video below? It’s [...]

In the Contiguous United States, You’re Never More Than 115 Miles away from a McDonald’s

Stephen Von Worley created the above map of all McDonald’s locations in the 48 contiguous states. A spot in northwestern Nevada is the most McDonald’s-free on the map. It’s the McFarthest spot (to use Von Worley’s term) at 115 miles to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant. You can read about Von Worley’s discovery here, or about [...]

Suffolk man in UFO mystery

Suffolk’s reputation as a UFO hot spot in the UK has been renewed this week after a former US airman spotted a strange red light moving across the…