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7 Extreme Versions of Normal Activities

You’ve heard of extreme sports before, but these tend to cover the types of sports that are somewhat extreme on their own, like base jumping, skateboarding and bungee jumping. These particular extreme sports are different in that they feature every day activities in some sort of extreme setting that suddenly makes something very normal very [...]

Puma Creates An 8-Bit Game That Encourages Players To Run

To celebrate all the fun and cardiovascular health provided by the sport of running, Puma has created a charming little 8-bit video game that lets you choose a pixelated body and run free from the comfort of your office chair. It’s like entering a competition without all that icky sweat and anxiety, and you’ll even have [...]

11 Amazing Under-the-Radar Sports Dynasties

You’ve heard all about the great Yankees teams, or the Chicago Bulls dynasty that won six championships in eight seasons. But can they top a 452-game winning streak? Or how about 17 consecutive championships? From squash to horseshoe pitching, here are some of sports’ best little-known dynasties. 1. Heather McKay What’s more impressive about Heather McKay’s squash [...]

Auto Polo

Although someone thought it was a great idea around 1910, this sport never really caught on. However, some speculate that it may have been the inspiration for MarioKart. -via reddit (Image source: Flickr user The Library of Congress)

Lawnmowers on Ice

Finland’s hot new sport is lawnmower racing -on ice! It only makes sense, because there’s plenty of ice in Finland, and the lawnmowers are busy cutting grass when the ice is gone. The city of Jarvenpaa recently hosted an international race. The object of the sport is to ride a lawn mower and accumulate as many [...]

Tazer Ball Is Like Soccer, Except That the Players Are Armed with Tasers

Will Tazer Ball ever win the recognition that it deserves and become an Olympic sport? We don’t know. But even in the absence of that respect, members of the Toronto Terror and other teams will continue to bravely shock each other with underpowered tasers. So far, there are only four teams in the Ultimate Tazer [...]

Crocheted Cyclops Costume

Crocheting may have started out as a craft, but it’s turning into an extreme sport. Veronica Knight, maker of the crochet viking costume, produced this full body crocheted cyclops suit. Think: casual Fridays. Link

Ferret-Down-Trousers – Something That I Hoped Wasn’t Real

From the Yes, This Really Happens Department, I bring you the terrifying sport-slash-torture-ritual of Ferret Legging, also known as “put ‘em down” and the much more descriptive “ferret-down-trousers.” Yes, folks, here’s how it works: you get yourself some ferrets, you open your trousers, and you place the ferret in the trousers. The [...]

Fireworks Boxing

For those of you that think the sport of boxing isn’t brutal enough, it seems that in 1937 someone tried to add fireworks to the mix. Two boxers fought each other while connected to pyrotechnic dummies which exploded on impact. In London, two fellows donned asbestos suits and feigned a boxing match while their pyrotechnic doppelgangers [...]

Horse Boarding

(Video Link) Horse boarding is a sport in which competitors ride off-road skateboards while being pulled by horses. The objective is to stay upright at high speeds and over rough terrain: Professional stuntman Daniel Fowler-Prime, 31, invented the sport five years ago after he strung a rope between his off-road ‘mountain board’ and a horse. Now he has [...]