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What Kids Know About the 2012 Election

The polls are in and the consensus says SpongeBob SquarePants will likely win the under-10 vote. Sorry, “Other Guy” and “Broccoli Almond.” The best part is Wonder Woman’s healthy endorsement from the “no cigaretting” girl. Link

Watch a Starfish Digest a Mussel

(Video Link) If you’ve watched the nature series Spongebob Squarepants, you may be under the impression that starfish are gentle, harmless creatures. But they’re not. Starfish are effective predators against immobile species. Researchers placed a tiny camera inside a mussel. Watch a starfish digest its victim from close range. The starfish pours caustic chemicals into the [...]

Patricia Waller’s Broken Heroes

It’s been some time since we posted any of Patricia Waller’s subversive, somewhat frightening crochet art. She currently has an exhibition at Gallery Deschler in Berlin called Broken Heroes. Pop icons from Spider-Man to Spongebob Squarepants are shown in horrid situations, all rendered in crochet. Warning: some images may be disturbing. Link -via Flavorwire Previously: More [...]

Floating Movie Theater

I assume that the projection stand and the screen are anchored into the ground, but otherwise Ole Scheeren’s temporary movie theater off the coast of Thailand rocked with the waves. A recent film festival used it for private viewings. What would you want to watch at this theater? Titanic? Spongebob Squarepants? Waterworld? Link | Architect’s Website [...]

Caption Monkey 66: SpongeBob SquareCar

(Yes, it does have a license plate, but I blocked it off) Who drives a square car on the highway?SpongeBob SquareCar!Boxy and yellow and Scion is he.SponbeBob Square Car!If drivin’ nonsense be something’ ye wish … My wife snapped this pic of SpongeBob SquareCar while I was driving a few weeks ago. She just reminded me of [...]