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15 My Little Pony Mashups

If you want to create something that will appeal to internet surfers, keep this in mind: the essence of comedy of the juxtaposition of opposites, or at least somewhat unrelated things. When you combine the pleasantness of something cute with the excitement of something popular but not cute, you get a surefire hit -that is, [...]

Spock Is Not Impressed

It’s not easy to impress the human/Vulcan hybrid whose full lineal name is not pronunciable by mere mortals. After all, compared to death and resurrection, not to mention meeting himself in an alternate timeline [...]

Fascinating! A Spock Quilt

This 82 by 52 inch quilt was made by Carol of FunThreads for a quilting fair. She adapted an image of Spock from a pumpkin carving template. You can read instructions for making your own at the link. Link via Dude Craft

Spock Matzoh

Passover begins today, so, naturally, Phillip Torrone used a laser to etch an image of Spock into a matzoh wafer. This is especially amusing since Leonard Nimoy is Jewish and the Vulcan salute is derived from a Jewish tradition. Link via blastr

Spock Overshares on Facebook

(Video Link) In fact, the entire crew of the Enterprise does. YouTube user BlackMoonCGI did an excellent editing job and showed what’s on Spock’s Facebook feed. It appears that he and Christine Chapel have had a bit of a tiff. via Nerdcore

Spock Finds Everything Fascinating

(Video Link) Spock does not often get emotional, but he does get curious about the world around him. Here’s a compilation of his signature line by YouTube user FiveStarTrekker. The ending is especially well-chosen. via GeekStir

Spock Learns about Anger Management

(Video Link) YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica mashes up classic hygiene films with scenes from science fiction, such as Luke Skywalker’s and Leia’s first date. In this mashup, Spock is trying to overcome his problem with anger. As he will discover, only a fool fights in a burning house. via blastr

I’m So Cute, I Made Spock Smile … Almost

I’m So Cute, I Made Spock Smile … AlmostMore Star Trek Baby Snapsuits – $17.95 Is your little Trekker so cute that he or she can make Spock smile? Here’s the perfect baby onesie for ‘em from the NeatoShop: Link

The Many Faces of Spock

Being a fan of the classic Star Trek series, it’s only logical that Ramsey Sibaja drew an homage of Spock re-imagined as various iconic characters: This is a homage and at the same time a parody of sorts for all us Spock aficionados. A what if, concept of Spock in different roles. Spock as Che Guevara, Spock [...]

What Car Would Spock Drive?

What kind of car would Spock drive if Spock drives a car? Well, you don’t have to wonder. The Drex Files blog has a rare photo of Leonard Nimoy in full costume as Spock posing in front of this car (his car?) on the Desilu backlot in 1966. I wonder what car Kirk, Scotty and McCoy [...]