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Ouija board helps probe the subconscious

Psychologists are using Ouija boards to explore how we communicate with our subsconcious mind. Long alleged to enable communication with spirits, Ouij…

Steampunk Winged Goggles

Steampunk Winged Goggles – $14.95 Are you looking for a pair of summer glasses that will really lift your spirits? You need the Steampunk Winged Goggles from the NeatoShop. This wondrous pair of goggles features faux leather wings and an adjustable flexible strap. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more  great Eyewear! Link

Haunted hospital raided by ghost hunters

A crowd broke in to the abandoned Irqa Hospital in Saudia Arabia to tackle spirits said to reside there. The old hospital which was once used to treat…

Puppies Unwrapping Christmas Presents

(YouTube Link) This video is sweeter than frosted sugar cookies, and it won’t rot your teeth! Watch as adorable little puppers stumble around, chomping on bows and wrapped presents, all the while keeping spirits bright and fuzzy. Guaranteed to warm even the coldest heart! –via BuzzFeed

The Number of the Day: 2.71

On average, French adults consume 2.71 alcoholic beverages a day—less than half as much as their relatives did a half-century ago (5.65 drinks/day in 1957). Related Fact: That 2.71 figure includes 1.55 glasses of wine, just over half a shot of spirits, a half a glass of beer, and 7% of a glass of cider or [...]

Ghost-hunters to check out the Titanic

A paranormal group are planning on investigating the wreck of the Titanic for ghosts. The group are looking to find out whether the spirits of some of…

Bomoh capture nine ‘djinns’

Two shamans have allegedly captured several spirits in a house in Malaysia it has been reported. The incident revolved around a 22-year old woman who …

The Science of Prohibition

Popular Science has a gallery of articles the magazine published during Prohibition addressing alcohol, the laws against it, and the ways people got around those laws. Some read like “how to” guides, and some detail law enforcement methods as if warning people how to avoid getting caught. This “scientific” look at how stills work was [...]

The “spirit or alien” question

Peter Fotis Kapnistos: At the dawn of our social development, humans believed that the sky or firmament was the abode of spirits. In most traditio…