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Olympic Street Art

Banksy has the Olympic spirit! Somewhat. This is one of a couple of new Banksy works with an Olympic theme. See another at his site. Link -via The Daily What

Heaven And Hell Themed Nightclubs Of 1890s Paris

Late 19th century Paris was a swinging place, with nightclubs that promised to send your spirit straight to heaven, leave you lingering in a drunken limbo, or help you sin your way into the depths of hell. These clubs provided theatrical ambiance, astoundingly detailed architecture and a never ending array of alcoholic beverages, and they were [...]

How to Draw a Leprechaun

Cartoonist Mark Anderson offers instructions for drawing a simple leprechaun that you can use to show your Irish spirit ahead of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend. But even better, if you draw one and send it in, he’ll post it at Andertoons! Link

Hotel builds entire hut out of gingerbread

A hotel in China got in to the festive spirit by building a large edible hut entirely out of gingerbread. The structure which is located at the five-s…

Zappos Pays Toll For Everyone

Zappos certainly got in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday evening, they went ahead and paid all of the tolls for drivers heading through one section of the turnpike between 5-7 PM. While it was only a $1.50 savings per person, but certainly a great way to cheer people up as they headed [...]

Ghost of Dambusters dog ‘found’ at airbase

Paranormal investigators claim they’ve made contact with the spirit of the dog owned by Guy Gibson. Wing Commander Guy Gibson is remembered for his he…

Kermode Bear

The Kermode bear, also called a spirit bear, is a walking contradiction. One in ten black bears on Prince Royal Island, British Columbia are born white. National Geographic tell us more about spirit bears. Neither albino nor polar bear, the spirit bear (also known as the Kermode bear) is a white variant of the North American [...]

Obituary of Mars’s Robot Geologist

It’s hard to believe that NASA’s Mar’s Rover Spirit which was only supposed to function for a short period of time had been going strong on the Red Planet for years. Sadly however its mission is coming to an end. From surviving bouts of amnesia to an escape from a sandy dungeon, sometimes it seemed that [...]

Mars Spirit Rover mission officially ends

After seven years a mission that was supposed to last only three months has finally come to an end. Spirit landed in 2004 and trundled across the surf…

Matryoshka Teapot

Matryoshka Teapot – $47.95 Do you have the winter blues? The Matryoshka Teapot from the NeatoShop can help. Nothing soothes the nerves and brightens the spirit like sharing a cup of tea with a friend. The Matryoshka Teapot is even perfect for people who don’t have any friends. You can always turn one of the cups over [...]