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Skull Tangler

  Skull Tangler – $21.95 (sold individually) Halloween right around the corner. Don’t miss your chance to creepify your abode with the Skull Tangler from the NeatoShop. This great decoration looks like a skull and spine. You can twist and bend the spine. The Skull Tangler is perfect for adorning chairs and posts. You friends will think [...]

Life Lessons We Learned From The Twilight Zone

You never forget the moral of the story when you’ve got a chill running up your spine, and there was always a moral of some kind in the TV series The Twilight Zone. However, the lessons you learned might not be the same as those selected by Uproxx’s Josh Kurp. For example, for the above [...]

Belly-Dancing Robot

Robots are taking all of our jobs, what with car assembly lines and ATMs and such. Now engineers are working on building robots that will put human belly dancers out of work! There’s an actual paper entitled “A control system for a flexible spine belly-dancing humanoid” from, of all places, Japan. Here’s a selection from [...]

Update: Lakshmi Tatma Starts School

Neatorama readers may remember Lakshmi Tatma, the little girl who was born with eight limbs due to a headless parasitic twin. The twin was surgically removed two years ago. Lakshmi is now four years old and has started school, but her physical problems are not over. Six months after the complex operation to remove Lakshmi’s parasitic [...]