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Spider Homesteads in Woman’s Ear

The spider was there for five days before doctors discovered it: A woman who checked into China’s Changsha Central Hospital Wednesday (Aug. with an itchy ear learned she had a small spider dwelling in her ear canal, according to news reports. It had crawled inside five days earlier while she slept. That’s probably something that you [...]

Driftwood Doilies By NeSpoon

These driftwood doilies make the beach look like it has been invaded by spiders spinning lace webs, adding an air of mystery and a touch of delicate grace seaside. Created by Polish outdoor artist NeSpoon then placed on wooden scraps littered across Oak Beach along the Baltic Sea, the artist was pleased to discover that the [...]

The Town That’s Been Overcome With Spiderwebs

Wagga Wagga, Australia was recently subjected to some serious flooding. Unfortunately, when the 9,000 human residents were evacuated, the area’s spiders took over, covering the entire area with a white mist of webs. The resulting pictures are equal parts beautiful and creepy and definitely not to be missed. Link

Does a fear of spiders make them bigger ?

Research has suggested that people scared of spiders are likely to perceive them as larger than they are. The study found that sufferers of arachnopho…

Spiders have ’senior moments’ too

Research shows that the older a spider is, the more chaotic its web design is. During their short lifespan, spiders are just as erratic in old age as …

World’s weirdest phobias revealed

Everyone’s heard of a fear of heights or spiders, but what are some of the lesser known phobias ? Some of the things that people suffer from an irrati…

Spiders evolved spare legs

New research has revealed that spiders actually have more legs than they need for everyday use. Scientists examining a selection of spiders from aroun…

Why spiders decorate their webs

Australian researchers believe they have discovered why spiders decorate their webs. Scientists have determined that orb-weaving spiders create elabor…

Spiders Are Wonderful

Spiders Are Wonderful is a story by Toby Vok, labeled as non-fiction for children age 4-6. So I didn’t expect much, until I got to the page you see here. The tale veers off into a delightfully scary direction after that point. Link -via My Own Private Book Club

Spider infestations incite Mazda recall

Mazda says a high potential for spiders to build webs in critical parts of the car is behind the recall. Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has issued a …