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5 Newly Discovered Creatures That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

I often wake in a cold sweat, swiping at my arms and inside my ears frantically trying to scatter the insects crawling on my skin. These are my nightmares, invaded by creepy crawlers of all shapes and sizes. Perhaps it’s because my worst nightmares seem to be coming true. Recently in China, a woman found [...]

Newly Discovered: Spider with Gruesome Claws

Arachnophobics, skip this post. For the rest of you, may I introduce you to a new and rare species of spider (so rare that it has its own taxonomic genus and even family to [...]

New spider species discovered in Oregon

A completely new species of spider has been discovered by cave explorers in southern Oregon. The new hook-legged arachnid is the first new family of s…

Spider Named for Sir David Attenborough

A newly-discovered species of goblin spider has been named in honor of British TV naturalist David Attenborough, and is now classified as Prethopalpus attenboroughi. The informal name will be Attenborough’s goblin spider. In an acceptance speech in Perth, Western Australia, Sir David said about his new namesake: “I take it that it is careful in its [...]

Spider Homesteads in Woman’s Ear

The spider was there for five days before doctors discovered it: A woman who checked into China’s Changsha Central Hospital Wednesday (Aug. with an itchy ear learned she had a small spider dwelling in her ear canal, according to news reports. It had crawled inside five days earlier while she slept. That’s probably something that you [...]

Net-Casting Spider

When we think of spiders, we usually think that they use spider webs as traps to catch their prey. But not all spiders do this … Watch the net-casting spider use their sticky spider silk to hunt their prey: The spider then [...]

Man sets house on fire clearing spider webs

A man using a blowtorch to burn spider webs in his garden managed to set his own house on fire. California man Eiliya Maida had been incinerating the …

Why Don’t Spiders Get Stuck in Their Webs?

Image credit: Stockbyte When a bug flies into a spider web, the game is over. It’s almost instantly stuck, and a sitting duck for the web’s owner. When you or I walk into a web, we’re a little better off than the bug because we won’t be dinner, but the sticky strands of web are still [...]

Ladybug Mimic Spider

Take a closer look at this cute ladybug and you’d be surprised to find that it’s actually a spider. Meet the Ladybird Mimic Spider (Ladybug Mimic Spider for us Yanks), as wonderfully snapped by Singaporean photographer [...]

Kitschy Spider-Man Fan Film From 1969

(YouTube Link) This video is the first Spider-Man fan film ever made, and it’s full of all the kitschy charm and bad special effects you’ve come to expect from 60s scifi films. This fan film was created by Donald F. Glut, who went on to write for animated TV series like Spider Man and his Amazing Friends and [...]