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The Sperm Bank for Nobel Prize Winners

The Repository for Germinal Choice, better known as the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank, was founded in 1980 by multimillionaire Robert Graham, inventor of shatterproof eyeglass lenses. His goal was to combine the sperm and eggs of superior men and women—ideally Nobel laureates—to produce superior babies. If all this sounds an awful lot like eugenics, well, [...]

The Bumbling, Crawling Sperms

In the movies, sperms have been portrayed as swimming elegantly up the female reproductive tract to inseminate the egg. What baloney. The truth is that they’re much more like bumbling male drivers who refuse to [...]

Hitting Testicles (with Ultrasound Pulses) May Be an Effective Contraceptive

On the left is a normal testicle. On the right is one that has been blasted with ultrasound. The latter has a reduced sperm count, which is why researchers at the University of North Carolina think that they may have discovered an effective male contraceptive: They found that two, 15-minute doses “significantly reduced” the number of [...]

All His Children

A guy, called Raul for the purpose of the story, used sperm donation to pay his way through college at a time when it seemed like just a way to make some extra cash. Years later, he learned the power of the internet. Raul made about $10,000 total by donating a couple of times a week [...]

This is a Courier Bike Used by a Fertility Clinic in Copenhagen

A fertility clinic in Copenhagen wanted an easy way to transport biological materials in insulated storage through the city, and so commissioned the construction of the Sperm Bullitt: The Sperm Bike is, like the company’s sperm donations, a Danish product and constructed around the Danish Bullitt cargo bike from Larry vs Harry. Producing the Sperm Bike was [...]

The Great Sperm Race: Most Extreme Race on Earth

A battle between sperm and leukocytes. It’s the most extreme race on earth – a contest with 250 million competitors, only one winner and relentless obstacles thrown in for good measure. The Great Sperm Race tells the story of human conception as it has never been told before, as helicopter-mounted cameras, world-renowned scientists, CGI and [...]

The Best Thing to Come Out of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank (other than the idea for the movie Twins)

Since it’s Christmas and all, we wanted to give you one last sneak peek at the new issue. This one comes from our cover story on Acts of Genius, Ripped from the Headlines. The story itself is pretty great (we cover Marie Curie’s scandalous affair, why Paul Dirac never took off his 3-piece suit, how one [...]

Wife Allergic To Husband Sperm

A new wife was given a nasty wedding night surprise when she discovered she was allergic to her husband’s sperm. Mike and Julie Boyde had been going out for two years when they got married and decided to have unprotected sex for the first time that evening. But almost immediately the bride was in unbearable pain – [...]

Cell Size and Scale

This is a fun little learning tool, provided by The University of Utah. Use the slider bar to zoom smaller and smaller in scale, from 12 millimeters (coffee bean) to 140 picameters (carbon atom), and track progress with the graph in the upper left. And if something looks fishy about that sperm cell… How can an [...]

Men Sperm Bank in China

Reportedly, the Shanghai Sperm Bank is offering white coated young ladies to assist able bodied men in the donation of their sperm. According to the report, donors are required to be in prime health and must volunteer to abstain from sex or self gratification for four days prior to the visit. Once there, a young lady [...]