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Playing With Fire in Slow Motion

In this short video, photographer Nick Moore shows us what happens to flame when it’s exposed to a speaker vibrating at 60 Hz. Although you can’t see the effect easily at regular speed, when the video is shown in slow motion, there is a clear pulsing action as the speaker pushes and pulls the [...]

7 Political Disagreements Settled With Fists and Hair-Pulling

Getty Images Anyone with even a fleeting relationship to political news these days has probably noticed that partisan bickering in the U.S. Congress has reached a bit of a crescendo of late. So we got to thinking: When do politicians just give up on the vitriolic rhetoric and throw a punch? The answer: more often than you’d [...]

Skull Speaker

Skull Speaker – $17.95 Are you looking for a portable speaker that has the ability to scare away small children? You need the black Skull Speaker with light up red eyes from the NeatoShop. This ghoulish speaker is perfect for listening to funky tunes and frightening wee ones. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

This Robot Is Wired For Sound

Artist David Todd Trost created this 4 foot tall terra cotta robot with a speaker system inside. I’m not sure what the sound quality is like but it’s much better looking than the giant faux woodgrain speaker boxes of my youth. Link – Via Notcot

Minimalistically Beautiful "Naked Radio" by Simon Hasan

It doesn’t have fancy display system and a bazillion buttons to push, but the Naked Radio by Simon Hasan managed to capture the essence of cool with minimal parts. From Technabob: It’s made from unusual materials such as porcelain, walnut, stainless steel, brass, and yes, that’s a speaker grill made from lace. You control the volume by [...]