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Knitted Spam Poetry

Those strangely written emails in your spam folder make a lot more sense once you understand that they’re actually lines of poetry. Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva knitted them together into a form that will be perfect for your next open mic poetry night. Link -via Craft

What’s Inside SPAM with Bacon

It’s a match made in chemical heaven … the combination of two of the most delicious substances in the Universe. Behold, SPAM With Bacon! Patrick Di Justo of Wired Science explains what exactly is in this magical [...]


SPAM Hat – $29.95 Attention SPAM lovers! It is time to come out of the closet and join the mystery meat in a can revolution. Embrace your love of  gelatinous glaze and porky goodness with the SPAM Hat from the NeatoShop. Don’t let naysayers stop you. Billions of cans sold can’t be wrong. Be sure to check [...]

SPAM Mints

SPAM Mints – $3.95 What better mints to wash down a yummy meal of SPAM than these SPAM Mints? Though sadly they’re not actually SPAM-flavored mints (they’re cinnamon [...]

SPAM Lip Glaze / Balm

Spam Lip Glaze / Balm – $1.95 Are you looking for delicious way to keep your lips supple and soft? You need the toasted meat-flavored SPAM Lip Glaze / Balm from the NeatoShop. This lip balm will make sure your mouth always stays meaty fresh. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more yummy Lip Balms. Link

Spam Killed Would Be Terrorist Bomber

What good are spam, you say? How about saving the lives of hundreds of would-be victim of a terrorist bomber? The woman, dubbed “The Black Widow,” who Russian authorities suspect was part of the same militant group that killed 35 people at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on Monday, was at a house preparing for the attack, which [...]