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Spaceship Bed

Jeremiah Gorman built his son Finn a spaceship for the fifth birthday! Surplus electronics from a TV station became the cockpit controls, set under his bunk bed with proper lighting that looks like stars. See pictures of the build at Makezine. Link

Eggnog Connoisseur

(YouTube link) You still can’t beat the homemade stuff! This odd show is from Awkward Spaceship. -Thanks, Aaron!

Dramatic Macaroni & Cheese

(YouTube link) Read it again, and this time with feeling! Don’t forget your motivation! This dramatic reading of ingredients was brought to you by the comedy team Awkward Spaceship. -Thanks, Martin!

LEGO Alphabet Spaceships

Mark Anderson of Andertoons set out to make a Lego spaceship that resembled each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. It took two years to accomplish this goal, but he did it! Now all those spaceships are posted for your enjoyment. Link -Thanks, Mark!

Space pilot could be regular job within 20 years

Piloting a spaceship could be one of many possible regular jobs within 20 years according to a new government study. The study is aimed at investigati…