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NASA to drag asteroid in to lunar orbit ?

The US space agency is considering a plan to drag a small asteroid in to orbit around the Moon. Ever since the Obama administration announced plans to…

Japan reveals ‘Hayabusa2′ asteroid mission

The Japanese space agency has announced a follow-up to their successful Hayabusa spacecraft. The new mission is expected to launch in 2014 and will ta…

Ride the Solid Rocket Booster (With Headphones)

In this staggering eight-minute video, you take a guided ride on the Solid Rocket Booster alongside the Space Shuttle. The video is interesting but the sound is astonishing — put on your headphones, watch this, and read the YouTube annotations as they pop up (it may help to make the video fullscreen so they’re [...]

Reaching Space, DIY Style

Copenhagen Suborbitals is an organization hoping to launch humans into space, using a D.I.Y. attitude — they are a self-proclaimed open source, nonprofit space exploration company. In this thirteen-minute documentary, reporters from Vice explain how they’re doing it. Although C.S. has not launched a human into space yet, they’ve put a crash test [...]

Plants able to grow without gravity

Scientists have determined that it is possible to grow plants in space despite the lack of gravity. Experiments on the International Space Station hav…

Space Whale

Space Whale, by Reza Farazmand at Poorly Drawn Lines. Link -via Tastefully Offensive

NASA locates most distant galaxy ever found

The Hubble Space Telescope has photographed a galaxy that is 13.3 billion light years away. The discovery ( designated MACSO647-JD ) is believed to be…

NASA to announce manned moon mission ?

Now that the US elections are over attentions may soon be turning to a new manned mission to the moon. According to space policy expert Professor John…

The TARDIS Poodle Skirt

Poodle skirts are standard fifties-styled get ups, but if you want to transcend space and time then you need an awesome TARDIS skirt like this instead. Link

Shuttle Xing

Photo: Bill Ingalls/NASA Got traffic jam? Not like Los Angeles, I bet, where the latest traffic jam was caused by a shuttle crossing From NASA: The space shuttle Endeavour is seen atop the Over Land Transporter [...]