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Reader-Submitted Quiz: Name the International Space Station Countries

It’s Reader-Submitted Quiz Week! Today’s quiz was submitted by Toby Hansen. 15 countries are currently participating in the International Space Station (ISS) program, according to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Can you name them all in 3 minutes? Take the Quiz: Name the 15 Countries Participating in the ISS

Time-Lapse View from Space

(vimeo link) Michael König edited a sequence of photographs taken from the International Space Station (ISS) between August and October into a time-lapse video of an orbit over the earth. The altitude is approximately 350 kilometers. The music is “Do Dekor” by Jan Jelinek. -Thanks özi!

The Late Movies: Space Shuttles

With this morning’s launch of Atlantis, we are coming to the close of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Here are a few videos that pay tribute to these “space trucks” that few so many miles for so many years. Enterprise: Landing Test The prototype shuttle Enterprise conducts an approach and landing test in 1977. Read more about this [...]

Solar Eclipse Photograph with a Bonus Feature

Astrophotographer Thierry Legault (featured previously at Neatorama) went all the way to Oman to take a picture of a solar eclipse. The shot he wanted was only available for a split second today, and he got it! Not only is the moon moving across the sun, but you can see other things in the picture [...]

Christmas Greeting from Space

(YouTube link) NASA astronauts Scott Kelly and Cady Coleman along with Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency send a holiday message from the International Space Station (ISS). -via Metafilter

Aurora Australis as Seen from Orbit

Aurora Australis Observed from the International Space Station Among the views of Earth afforded astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), surely one of the most spectacular is of the aurora. These ever-shifting displays of colored ribbons, curtains, rays, and spots are most visible near the North (aurora borealis) and South (aurora australis) Poles as [...]