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Astronaut Suicide Photos in Response to End of Shuttle Program

In what could be considered a mock protest to the end of the Space Shuttle program photographer Neil DaCosta and art director Sara Philips have posted a gallery of astronauts suicide photos. Apparently this is the only thing an astronaut has to look forward to these days. Dubbed the Dark Comedy Project the photos depict [...]

Experience the Final Shuttle Mission

You can put yourself into the experience of witnessing the final mission of the space shuttle program with the shuttle Atlantis in a multimedia post at the Neatorama Spotlight Blog. Read about what it was like to be there at liftoff. Listen to the roar of the shuttle and the crowd that saw it launch. [...]

Cats in Space

In honor of the final mission of the space shuttle program, I Can Has Cheezburger posted a cat’s retrospective of NASA history. You’ll find moar pictures and funny videos of kittehs and their dreams of space exploration. Link

European Space Shuttle

With the American Space Shuttle program winding up this year the European Space Agency is unveiling its plans for a reusable spacecraft. The agency is going to start building the unmanned Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle and should be ready for flight in 2013. IXV is quite different from the NASA shuttle, using a lifting body design instead [...]

Talk Live With Astronauts

This Friday at 3:47 PM (EST) the Space Shuttle Endeavour will take off from Kennedy Space Center on its last flight ever. And, unless current plans change, it will also be the second to last Space Shuttle flight ever (The final flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program is scheduled for June 28 of this year, [...]

ASCENT: Celebrating the Space Shuttle

Earlier this month, Matt Melis released a 45-minute video showing a Space Shuttle launch with professional commentary on what you’re seeing in each shot. (It’s actually three launches spliced together.) If you’re wondering what happens during a Space Shuttle launch, this is extremely educational — and completely mesmerizing (particularly with the sound off) due to [...]

Could Retired Space Shuttles Be Used as Space Stations?

When the space shuttle program shuts down, the orbiters will be sent to museums. Would it be more cost-effective to recycle them as space stations? Bjorn Carey of Popular Science says no. First, shuttles only carry about 14 days worth of power. But a larger problem would be refitting them so that they’d be habitable [...]

Prices Slashed in NASA’s Space Shuttle Sale

NASA is shutting down the space shuttle program and so is trying to sell off its remaining merchandise at increasingly low prices. It’s already slashed the price for a (pre-owned) shuttle from $42 million to $28.8 million: When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in December 2008 put out the call seeking buyers at museums, schools [...]