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8 Memorable Images from the 1980s

In case you missed the first two installments in this mini-series, here’s the ‘60s post and yesterday’s ‘70s post. Today, of course, we move on to the ‘80s. This is the decade I came of age, as many of you reading this blog did. Hence all our ‘80s-themed quizzes! Some of this will be referenced [...]

Bad Astronomy’s Top Space Pictures 2011

Dr. Phil Plait selects his favorite space pictures every year, but this year he had a lot to sift through. The top 16 pictures taken from the viewpoint of space include volcanoes, hurricanes, earth formations, the moon, eclipses, and spacecraft, including the final space shuttle missions. Astronaut Ron Garan took this photograph of the moon [...]

Photo: Father and Son Witnessing the First and the Last Space Shuttle Launches

Chris Bray and his father were able to watch the launch of both the first and the last space shuttle missions, thirty years apart. For the last one, they decided to recreate their poses from 1981. Link -via DVICE | Photo used under Creative Commons license