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Epic Launch Video

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Epic Launch Video Feel the raw power of “riding a controlled explosion into space” – watch this Space Shuttle Discovery launch in high-res and with loud audio. And if you want more, then watch this too. Link Now for those who want to savor all the details of launch from all possible [...]

NASA’s Robot Astronaut and its Forerunners

Today’s final launch of the space shuttle Discovery will have a robotic passenger aboard. Robonaut 2 (affectionately called R2) is going to the International Space Station so NASA can study how it performs in zero gravity. National Geographic has a photo gallery of the NASA robots who have paved the way for R2, including some [...]

Robonaut 2

The final flight of the space shuttle Discovery will begin on November 1. One of the duties of the crew is to test Robonaut 2, a human-sized robot that may one day work on the International Space Station. The robot — I wonder if they’ll call it R2? — is an experiment to test how such [...]

What does space smell like ?

Astronauts aboard NASA’s space shuttle Discovery have stated that the smell of space is strong, metallic and unique. The shuttle’s pilot Kevin For…