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The Late Movies: The First 7 Videos on MTV

MTV turns 31 today. It launched one minute past midnight on August 1, 1981, with footage of Space Shuttle Columbia and Apollo 11 launches, then the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll,” spoken by John Lack, one of the creators of MTV. An extended version of the MTV theme riff played, and [...]

Pigs in Space!

Remember Pigs in Space? It was a series if sketches on The Muppet Show parodying Star Trek (and other 60s/70s space-themed TV shows), featuring the adventures of a crew of pigs aboard the Swinetrek. Pigs in Space became so popular that it was used to wake up actual astronauts on the Space Shuttle [...]

The Late Movies: Space Shuttles

With this morning’s launch of Atlantis, we are coming to the close of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Here are a few videos that pay tribute to these “space trucks” that few so many miles for so many years. Enterprise: Landing Test The prototype shuttle Enterprise conducts an approach and landing test in 1977. Read more about this [...]