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Just Watch Out For Rolling Barrels

Sure it looks cool, but just try putting something on your shelves -they’re bound to get knocked over over when the hairy ape at the top notices a plumber trying to get up there. Seriously though, I can’t help but be jealous of designer Igor Chak for having this and a Space Invaders couch in his [...]

Space Invaders Bathroom

If you’re not in a position to actually play Space Invaders while in the bathroom, this tilework will at least remind you that you should. The architecture studio OneByNine remodeled an apartment in Hong Kong to make the bathroom experience exciting. Link -via Walyou | Studio Website

Time-Lapse Video of the Coding of Space Invaders

(Video Link) It’s an oddly mystifying video to watch, much like a time-lapse video of the creation of a painting. YouTube user irrationalistic wrote a version of Space Invaders for a programming class. There’s something beautiful about the way it takes form before your eyes. -Thanks, Say Uncle!

Space Invaders Waffle

This time, to win the game, you have to eat instead of shoot the aliens. An artist who goes by the name Invader (and makes art inspired by the game Space Invaders) is currently exhibiting his work at The Outsiders gallery in London. Among his other pieces on display is a mosaic that blends an [...]

Space Invaders Cross-Stitch Sampler

This is definitely not your grandmother’s alphabet sampler. If your interest in old-school gaming overlaps with an appreciation for needlecraft, then this may be your new favorite thing. The Space Invaders sampler measures about 7.8? (h) x 6? (w), and was handmade by Knitforvictory, and is available over on Etsy for $25 (USD). Link via Technabob

Human 8-bit Music Video

For their song “Americanarama”, the Canadian group Hollerado put together 24 friends on a scaffolding with flash cards. It took a lot of practice, but the final video sequence was recorded in one continuous take. Watch as they illustrate Space Invaders and Pong, and various parts of the song. Link