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5 Restaurants Where Spy Games Were Played

Restaurants are ideal places for spies to ply their trade, as there’s plenty of ambient noise, a nice crowd to throw things off, and food to go around, which tends to alleviate stress. Here are five restaurants where tradecraft was the daily special. 1. Au Pied de Cochon, Georgetown DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images Vitaly Yurchenko was a 25-year veteran [...]

The Soviet Union Was Dissolved 20 Years Ago Today

Girl standing atop Soviet tank in Red Square during the Communist hard liners’ coup attempt in August 1991. © David Turnley/CORBIS Twenty years ago today, on December 8, 1991, a group of Soviet leaders got together in a house in snowy Belarus to declare the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The resulting treaty, [...]

8 Candidates for the Next New Nation

On Saturday, South Sudan declared its independence, becoming the brand-spanking newest nation in the world. While peace and prosperity is still a good way off for this newborn, Texas-sized country—ethnic tensions are high, the economy is in shambles, and a half-dozen rebel groups have already vowed to take down the new government—the South Sudanese people [...]

International Head Games: Turning Sweden Against the Soviets

© Diego Lezama Orezzoli/CORBIS Sweden’s famed neutrality has often proved to be a somewhat flexible concept: occupying a central position in northern Europe, but with a smaller population than many of their neighbors, the Swedes have often had to make compromises to maintain their independence. During World War I, Sweden helped German intelligence eavesdrop on telegraph [...]

Inside the Soviets’ failed moon program

Back in the 1960s both the USA and the Soviet Union raced to place the first humans on the moon. While the Americans succeeded when Neil Armstrong fir…

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games is a small basement museum in Moscow that houses vintage arcade games from the Soviet era. Anjel Van Slyke and Connal Hughes of A Dangerous Business visited the facility, played its games, and took many pictures.To be honest, we really weren’t sure what to expect. The museum seemed amazing, [...]

The Soviet Union’s Bizarre Star Wars Promotional Posters

This Blog Rules has pictures of four promotional posters for the censored and modified Star Wars movies released in the Soviet Union. They look surreal, like something out of Brazil rather than the plot of Star Wars. Would any Russian-speaking Neatoramanaut care to translate? Link via Nerd Bastards

7 Super-Sized (And Somewhat Insane) Soviet Projects

The Soviet Union decided the best way to show up the West was to build the biggest version of any given object. The following are just seven of the largest examples. 1. A Palace for the People In 1931, Joseph Stalin ordered that the largest Orthodox Christian cathedral in the world— 335 feet high, the product of [...]

Russia plots return to Venus

It has been almost three decades since the Soviet Union last sent a probe to the planet Venus, now the Russian space agency is planning to underta…