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First 24/7 Solar Plant

One of the difficulties with using solar energy is its inability to produce electricity around the clock. Torresol Energy in southern Spain has solved this problem by storing thermal energy in two tanks of molten salt. This enables the plant to generate electricity long after sundown in order to satisfy the energy needs of the [...]

Ten Lost Civilizations

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that archeologists are claiming to have discovered the city of Atlantis in a mud flat located in Southern Spain, but there are plenty more “lost” civilizations out there just begging for discovery. While most of these societies did not lose their entire culture due to a massive tsunami [...]

Atlantis (maybe) rediscovered in Spain

Analysis of underwater remains of a suspected ancient city leads research team to Southern Spain. Mud flats located in Southern Spain are potentially …

Neanderthals were makeup artists

Scientists from the U.K., on an archaeological dig in the Murcia province of southern Spain, have made a discovery that seems to suggest that Neanderthals wore makeup. The team report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) that shells containing pigment residues were Neanderthal make-up containers. The team says its find buries “the view [...]