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Hairy Crab Dubbed “The Hoff”

If you were to find a new species of animal with a hairy chest, it would only make sense to name it after actor David Hasselhoff. That’s what happened when a new hairy species of yeti crab was documented near thermal vents in the Southern Ocean off Antarctica. The crabs were found in piles around hydrothermal [...]

Alarm over Southern Ocean warming

New research shows that the Southern Ocean is storing more heat than any other ocean in the world. The Southern Ocean has been the main absorber of he…

The Mystery Boat of Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island is 1,700 miles from Antarctica, and further away from anywhere else. The island is a volcano covered with a glacier. The few expeditions to explore it were many years apart, and some of those explorers never set foot on Bouvet Island, since there is no safe place to land. But in 1964, a [...]

Block of Wood on Top of an Iceberg: How Did It Get There?

Photo: Jodie Smith Australia’s ABC News Onlin reporter Karen Barlow (Twitter @kjbar) went aboard the icebreaker Aurora Australis on a journey to Antarctica when she came across this bit of oddity: a piece of wood sitting atop a floating iceberg. I’ve heard the Southern Ocean attracts a hardy individual but a block of wood on an iceberg [...]

Earth’s Coldest Temperature Ever

The temperature at Russia’s Vostok research station in Antarctica read -128.6F (-89.2 C) during the winter of 1983. This is the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth. The winter temperature at Vostok averages a mere -54F. Why the mercury dipped so low has puzzled scientists for 26 years. But scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) [...]